Give a Dam

Give a Dam

Protect the Blue Mountains National Park, from flooding: Give a Dam

Help stop the raising of the Warragamba dam wall, an act which would destroy 65 kilometres of wilderness rivers and inundate 4,700 hectares of the world heritage-listed Blue Mountains, National Park.

The wilderness rivers of the southern Blue Mountains form a landscape that has been largely untouched by modern society. The area is home to 48 threatened plant and animal species, ancient river valleys, rare dry rainforests, and hundreds of Indigenous cultural sites. The significance of the southern Blue Mountains landscape led it to be inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2000.

The extension of the dam will not provide adequate flood protection, and is being driven by developer interests who seek a green card to overdevelop the Western Sydney floodplains – it is not worth the loss of our unique World Heritage area.  

To date, the strong campaigning has begun to shift the narrative in the media toward an understanding that there are better ways to manage risk. Flood experts are being heard the science is beginning to be better understood.