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Great Koala National Park

The koala is a globally recognised symbol of Australia and the second most recognised animal in the world after the Giant Panda. It is a national icon and yet populations are in rapid decline, having dropped by a third in the twenty years between 1990 and 2010. To date, there is no national conservation reserve set aside to ensure the long-term survival of koalas.

Join with the Paddy Pallin Foundation and throw your support behind the development of The Great Koala National Park which aims to protect two of the most important koala meta-populations in Australia; this proposed national park will encompass 315,000 ha of public land in the Coffs Harbour region, a biodiversity hot spot that if protected will ensure the long term survival of our iconic koalas, the fertile coastal forests they favour, and all the other threatened species that live in them.

The money raised through our support will help the National Parks Association of NSW fund tools to build community awareness and support for the Great Koala National Park. This includes developing communication material to highlight the need for the Great Koala National Park, giving talks at local events, and media outreach.

For more information go to the NPA of NSW website

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