The Paddy Pallin Family 

The Paddy Pallin Foundation has been set up by the Pallin family so that Paddy Pallin Pty Ltd and its customers and friends from the wider community can contribute to better conservation of the natural environment for future generations, and the animals and plants that inhabit it. The Paddy Pallin Natural Environment Fund is managed by the Paddy Pallin Foundation as trustee.


Donations you make preserve Australia’s Natural Heritage for future generations!


The Paddy Pallin Foundation

Help us conserve Australia’s wildlife for future generations!


We are hoping to purchase or contribute to the purchase of land of high conservation value that is not yet within the state or private reserve system.

The National Reserve System includes national parks, State and Territory bodies, and Indigenous Protected areas.

The Paddy Pallin Foundation seeks to add land to help meet the target of 10% of each bio-region protected. We need your support!

Save Australia!

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The initial aim is for Paddy Pallin companies to contribute to a corpus so that the foundation eventually becomes self funding. Any contributions from the public, however, will be passed through to the recipient organisation without any administration fees.