Australasian Bat Society Grants

The Paddy Pallin Foundation provides annual Australasian Bat Society (ABS) Grants of up to $3000 to support ABS members to provide research that promotes the conservation and knowledge of bats in Australasia.

There will be two grants on offer, with an application round open once a year, opening on 1st September and closing 1st October of the same year. Successful applicants will be notified within four weeks of the closing date of submissions. Enquiries and submissions [email protected]

More information can be found on their website

Past recipients of Paddy Pallin Foundation sponsored ABS grants

Amanda Lo Cascio – “What factors affect microbat connectivity in fire-prone fragmented landscapes” (2018)

Laura Pulscher – “Investigating the nutritional ecology of the Christmas Island Flying-Fox” (2018)

Eliane McCarthy – “Developing new methods for more accurate counts of flying-foxes in their roosts” (2019)

Kerryn Parry-Jones – “Report on the microscopic identification of fruit in the faeces of flying-foxes” (2019)

Ophelie Planckaert – “Investigation of the population structure of endangered bent-wing bats, to enable the development of targeted conservation actions” (2020)

Titia Schamhart – “The impact of artificial light on urban LTB behaviour and physiology” (2020)