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Save the River Red Gum

Saved: The River Red Gum!

You did it! Thank you all.

The River Red Gum forests of the Riverina are islands of iconic remnants in one of the most poorly reserved regions in the country.  They line the major rivers of the region, the Murray and Murrumbidgee and provide refuge habitats for hollow dependant species like the Barking Owl and the Squirrel Glider.  The Central Murray Red Gums are listed under the Ramsar convention as an internationally significant wetland; and are of vital cultural significance to indigenous Traditional Owners, who have never relinquished their sovereignty.  And yet, there was just one tiny nature reserve along the NSW side of the Murray, and the forests were being patch clear felled for low-value products like firewood and railway sleepers.

The campaign succeeded in 2008 in its aim to create a large new national park in the River Red Gums, with aboriginal ownership where sought by Traditional Owners.

Thank you for your donations through the Paddy Pallin Foundation to support this cause.  Our sponsored partner in the campaign was the NPA.

The Paddy Pallin Foundation is proud to have contributed to this campaign.