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Protecting the Pilliga

Paddy Pallin joined For Wild Places and The Wilderness Society in a campaign to help save the Pilliga Forest.

Extending over half a million hectares, the Pilliga Forests are the largest consolidated block of forest and woodlands in western New South Wales. It is home to an array of native flora and fauna, including the largest population of Koalas in NSW to the west of the Great Dividing Range. This unique and ancient landscape sits on top of and feeds fresh water into the Great Artesian Basin, the only source of fresh water for much of inland Australia. It is here that mining company Santos has been given approval by the NSW State Government for their 850-well coal seam gas field project to go ahead.

The risky Narrabri Gas Project has the potential to destroy native animal habitats, damage waterways, pollute air quality, endanger the health of local workers and nearby residents, as well as risk significant pollution to the groundwater that leads to the only source of fresh water for much of our in-land population, including our farmers who rely on this water for their crops and cattle, especially during droughts.

This year we are proudly supporting The Wilderness Society in securing better laws and oversights for our native ecosystems, and real protections for Australia’s unique species and habitats.

The vision is to “transform Australia into a society that protects, respects and connects to the natural world that sustains us”.

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