The Trust Deed

1.1 Trust Purposes

The purposes of the Trust are the public charitable purposes within Australia of protecting and enhancing the natural environment of Australia for the benefit of the community which includes protecting, enhancing, and restoring eco-systems, ecological processes and biological diversity throughout Australia by:-

(a) supporting the maintenance of environmentally significant lands within the National Reserve system, whether publicly managed National Parks or private reserves and assisting the acquisition of land for inclusion within the system,

(b) aiding the extension of programs for conservation covenants and agreements on private lands,

(c) initiating and supporting programs in relation to recovery of threatened species listed under Commonwealth, State or Territory laws,

(d) establishing and assisting bush regeneration groups working on environmentally significant lands at the local level;

(e) providing information or education, or carrying on research, concerning the conservation of eco-systems, ecological processes and biological diversity throughout Australia;

(f) supporting or establishing any charitable institution or charitable object anywhere in Australia which the Trustee in its absolute discretion considers to be consistent with the environmental purposes of the Trust; and

(g) doing anything else incidental or conducive to those matters.

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