Paddy Pallin Reserve


Paddy Pallin Reserve, Lindfield

Paddy Pallin Reserve was named after Paddy Pallin by the then Mayor Ron Yeates, a keen bushwalker. Paddy Pallin Reserve was previously partly a drainage easement and partly land owned by Lindfield Laundry and was opened by Mayor Ron Yeates on 27th July 1985. The upper part of the Reserve is a formal park with barbecue facilities and a children’s play area and open grass. The majority of the Reserve was weed infested bushland.

This small reserve in the catchment of Little Blue Gum Creek, had a volunteer bush regeneration group start in the 1990s. This group is still going and is doing an excellent job on a part of the reserve near Polding Road.

In April 2000 it was decided that to regenerate the whole reserve would need a professional team. The Paddy Pallin Foundation employed the Lane Cove Bush Regenerators Cooperative Ltd to carry out this work. This work is continuing.

The reserve is responding to this long term project and a large part of the reserve is now nearly weed free. Ku-ring-gai Council has contributed by paying for the removal of some large camphor laurels and other large exotic trees. The Council has also in July 2009 upgraded the track through the lower part of the reserve.

The importance of this project is that there has been consistent funding and a consistent approach to the bush regeneration by using the same contractor. Consistent funding has been possible because of the commitment of the Paddy Pallin Foundation to this project and to Ku-ring-gai Council supporting the funding to be made direct to the contractor and not having to go through the bureaucracy and the associated delays.

The photo above shows part of the reserve that has been recently regenerated.

Rymill Abell contributed an article to Ecological Management & Restoration (Vol 6 No 2 August 2005)about the first few years of the bush regeneration on this site, a copy of which is available by clicking here. This article only refers to the bush regeneration of the upper part of Paddy Pallin Reserve. The work has now been extended to the larger part of the reserve between Highfield Road and Polding Road.

An update of the statistics for bush regeneration in Paddy Pallin Reserve has been written by Rymill Abell and has been published in the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators NSW October 2009 newsletter.

Download a copy of the article (PDF 330kb)