Environmental Weeds


Environmental Weeds

Weeds are one of the most serious threats to Australia’s biodiversity and getting worse as new invaders arrive and existing ones spread. The Paddy Pallin Foundation is supporting weed campaigners, bush regenerators and landholders who are tackling environmental weeds on their properties through several programs.

Invasive Species Council

The Paddy Pallin Foundation is supporting the Invasive Species Council to campaign for better and prevention-focused laws and policies.

To go to the Invasive Species Council’s website click here

The Invasive Species Council with the support of the Paddy Pallin Foundation has published the document Stopping NSW’s Creeping Peril, as part of its campaign, Stopping NSW’s Weed Crisis. To read further click here.



Paddy Pallin Reserve Bush Regeneration

The Paddy Pallin Foundation supports the bush regeneration of Paddy Pallin Reserve, Lindfield, a bushland reserve of Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council. There is further information on this site here.

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